There is no date indicated in the calendar without promotion through a large company, and this is being demonstrated again with the different promotions that are coming out for Halloween. Some offers to which Burger King has joined this time, with the gift of several menus every day (or night in this case) for the more ‘awake’ customers.

If a few days ago it was going to the vegetarian side , this week Burger King’s strategy has been oriented towards nightmares, fear and terror … but with a promotion that gives away hundreds of menus until next Sunday, December 31 october .

Date set for being Halloween night and why the hamburger chain has devised a more than curious campaign combining scary movies and paranormal appearances . With a daring video on its social networks, Burger King points out that “according to experts, 3 am is the hour with the highest paranormal activity … but this Halloween, these appearances will not only take away your sleep … also your hunger “.

A text that is appearing together with paranormal activities, worthy of the worst nightmares as well as dark music. ” This week, wake up at 3 am and get free menus in our app, ” declares the new video with which the promotion is announced, sending the chain’s customers a final notice: “set the alarm if you dare.”

So you can get a free menu
In this way, throughout the week, Burger King has been giving away a different menu every day for the most awake customers, both mentally and with their keyboard. Of course, with the odd complication , which the company itself was in charge of regretting and solving, the menus per day are: Whopper (Monday), Long Chicken (Tuesday), Steakhouse (Wednesday), Double Cheese Bacon XXL (Thursday) , The Bacon King 1 Meat (Friday), Big King (Saturday) and Whooper (Sunday).

To opt for one of these menus, simply open the Burger King application at 3:00, at which time videos that include codes will appear throughout them. Some codes that can later be entered so that, once you have been one of the fastest customers , a message will arrive in the app with the free menu for each day that, of course, is only redeemable in the app and home delivery .

The latest attractive campaign of the company, determined to relaunch its client portfolio reaching all possible points always from the ingenuity and the best possible deal with its clients. ” Appearances at 3 am “, Burger King closes its ad with which it is rewarding the most night owls.

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