The Black Friday has fallen in favor with Brazilian and should attract the attention of 57% of consumers in the country, who want to shop on Friday (26), which marks the event worldwide.

Buyers expect to find discounts of 42% on the products offered, they intend to purchase up to three products and spend, on average, R$1,118.

The data were presented in a survey carried out by the CNDL (National Confederation of Shopkeepers) and by the SPC Brasil (Credit Protection Service) in partnership with Offer Wise.

According to the survey, interest in buying on Black Friday is motivated by the chance of purchasing necessary things at a lower price (70%).

Another 38% of consumers intend to take advantage of the price to anticipate Christmas shopping, and 19% want to take advantage of the promotions, even if they don’t need anything at the moment.

On the other hand, 29% of consumers only intend to buy a product if the offers are really worth it. Only 14% do not intend to participate in the event, mainly because they are broke (29%), unemployed (21%) and believe that the economic moment is not favorable (18%).

The products most desired by consumers are: clothing (38%), footwear (29%), appliances (27%), cell phones/smartphones (24%), and household items (24%).

The study also shows that the population is attentive to promotions, as 88% say they intend to do price research before shopping on Black Friday.

Respondents cite the previous survey as the best way to confirm that prices are really on sale (55%) and choose stores with the best prices (33%).

The main places to search for prices cited are the websites of stores where they usually shop (55%), price comparisons (52%) and search engines (43%).

Among consumers who want to shop on Black Friday, 75% say they are avoiding any kind of purchase in October or November in order to take advantage of the date.

The president of CNDL, José César da Costa, assesses that consumers are increasingly used to Black Friday and knows that researching prices remains essential to ensure good purchases.

“Many already adopt strategies to get the best prices, using notification and alert mechanisms when certain products go on sale. The retailer knows this and must invest in strategies for publicizing offers and in marketing to attract customers”, says Costa.

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