The world’s largest exchange , Binance has announced that it will launch a metaverse game token sale on its launchpad Binance’s product allows early-stage fundraising projects to raise funds with investors and increase their capital. This can be done for any product, as was done by Santos Futebol Clube recently , which launched its token on the exchange.

The process of the new game will be done and completed in the next few days, for a game that has been around since 2020, that is, it can already be tested by the community.

Binance Launches Metaverse Game Token
League of Kingdoms (LOKA) game, released in July 2020, allows its fans to enter a free-to-play MMO that works for Android, iOS and computer. According to a study by Binance, released this Tuesday (11), the game already has 80,000 daily users from more than 210 countries.

With several milestones already reached, such as the sale of lands and the launch of game modes in 2021, the game aims higher in 2022. Thus, from January 12th until the 20th, investors who want to buy game tokens must store Binance Coin on the exchange.

Those who meet the requirement will be able to participate in the launch on the broker’s launchpad, and on January 20th they must sign up for the ERC-20 token sale process for this game, which will work over the Ethereum network.

Binance has stated that it will launch this metaverse game token on its launchpad at a price of $0.16 per unit. Thus, each LOKA can be purchased by BNB, the platform’s native currency.

On Binance’s launchpad, 5% of the game’s total token issuance will be put up for sale, this being the 26th project to be launched by the broker’s product.

What draws attention in the metaverse proposed by League of Kingdoms is that it has a partnership with The SandBox, one of the main blockchain metaverses on the market, which has already caught the attention of Adidas. With this partnership, both projects discuss a future where metaverses will be integrated, allowing the interoperability of digital items.

In other words, this project has already been tested and validated by the market, and will now seek to expand its functionality. Another commercial partner of LOKA is Yield Guild Games (YGG), which could help the new game have schools in the future.

Despite the potential of the new game to be released, it is good to remember that this market is new and high risk, which can lead people to lose all their money. Therefore, Binance itself warns of the risks of trading cryptocurrencies and asks users to study the fundamentals and read about launches before investing in any product.

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