Retirement and pensions from the INSS (National Institute of Social Security) began to be paid this Tuesday (25) with the readjusted values ​​of 2022. There are 36.4 million insured people who will receive until February 7th. According to the INSS, deposits will follow the same sequence as in previous years (see schedule below).

For those who receive a minimum wage, the value will be updated with the new floor, of R$ 1,212. This is the minimum amount for retirements, death pensions and sickness benefits in 2022.

Retirees and pensioners who earn more than the floor will receive an adjustment of 10.16% in 2022, which corresponds to the inflation measured by the INPC (National Consumer Price Index) closed in 2021. The ceiling of benefits paid by the INSS is now of BRL 7,087.22 (before it was BRL 6,433.57).

This adjustment, however, will not be applied to all beneficiaries. Those who started to receive payments from February of last year will have the correction proportional to the accumulated inflation of the month of beginning of the benefit until December. For those who retired in February, for example, the correction is 9.86%. Whoever became a beneficiary in December will have 0.73%.

Beneficiaries should consider that the readjusted amounts will also be deducted from the IR (Income Tax).

The INSS guides policyholders to pay attention: the date of deposit of benefits depends on the final number of the benefit card, without considering the last verification digit.

Which appears after the dash, for those who were recently granted or the date on which already habitually received for those who have had their benefit for some time.

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