If Kiyosaki has been characterized by something, it is for being a very reiterative person regarding his predictions and remarks, especially emphasizing that a tense economic situation will come as a result of bad government decisions. Therefore, he has invited his followers on several occasions to seek shelter assets against fiat currencies, especially recommending cryptocurrencies for constituting an excellent store of value that is not under the control of governments or banking entities.

Despite the fall in the cryptocurrency market in recent times, Kiyosaki has described this fact on several occasions as one of the last occasions in which these assets will be at a low cost and within the reach of many investors.

In recent statements, the famous writer attacked digital currencies issued by central banks, better known as CBDC, which he described as espionage tools “similar to the TikTok social network“:

“A CBDC, which is the digital currency of a central bank, is spyware. It is very similar to TikTok, which is that. Our job is to wake people up, and then fight back using the same technology that I agree with. Let’s fight with education and information.”

Crypto market resentful after statements by the president of the FED
Finally, Kiyosaki’s statements come days after the president of the US Federal Reserve (FED), Jerome Powell, warned the public that new economic measures would be taken to deal with economic inflation. that shakes the American nation.

These statements had a negative effect on the price of Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies, leading most of the exponents of the market to fall amid the fears of a large number of investors. This caused BTC to fall below the barrier of USD $20,000, on which it managed to position itself again on August 29 after a rebound in the activity of the main markets.

Although many focus on the statements of the president of the FED, the truth is that the macroeconomic outlook seems to point in the same direction, since European regulators and the United Kingdom are also applying measures to adjust the weight of inflation on the economies local. To this is also added the weight of the war promoted by Russia in Ukrainian territory, whose consequences are already being felt in the economic activities of the countries of the region.

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