Cooking with the microwave instead of the oven or ironing and running the washing machine on weekends are ways to try to lower the electricity bill. However, they carry little weight if the real goal is to move towards more efficient and intelligent energy consumption.

At the gates of the eleventh month of the year, we are at a crucial moment for the family economy and the electricity bill. Despite the fact that many Spaniards have already returned to the office and spend less time in their homes, it is true that at this time of year energy consumption increases to maintain comfort in the homes. For this reason, the Ariston company has developed a series of tips that will help you get through the winter with the least expense.

1. Green energy and efficient systems: the company recommends renovating your heating system for a more efficient one, as well as investing in a good electric water heater or a condensing boiler, which thanks to its high energy efficiency has a direct impact on the gas bill, with a saving of around 25-30% in energy consumption compared to a conventional boiler.

Another of its great advantages is the reduction of polluting emissions, which can be up to 70%. Plus, this small change has a big impact on your individual carbon emissions and the fight against climate change. On the other hand, they are quieter, which increases comfort at home.

2. Have a thermostat to control the temperature: the savings that are achieved thanks to programmable thermostats is considerable. By setting the thermostat at around 15 degrees for at least 8 hours a day (at night or when we are outside) we can optimize the operation of our heating system and significantly reduce costs. In addition, the latest generation Wi-Fi models.

3. Installation of smart devices: It is now possible to get a smart home capable of learning from the habits of its inhabitants in order to be more efficient and reduce energy consumption. In the market there are innovative systems that allow you to control the configuration of your boiler and program possible temperature variations with your smartphone and other electronic devices, you will be able to save money without losing comfort.

4. Installation of solar panels: since last June a plan for self-consumption aid endowed with 660 million euros has been active, available to both companies and individuals. Obtaining a system that integrates aerothermal energy with solar panels is the most efficient system for air conditioning a home, a not trivial matter if we take into account that, according to the latest IDAE report on energy consumption in the residential sector, Spaniards dedicate only to heating and hot water 62% of the energy we consume.

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