Trick or Treating? There is no greater claim for Halloween than the phrase most repeated by children on the scariest night of the year. A motto repeated on the door of every house in the United States (” trick or treat? “) That has spread throughout the world to become the name with which Mercadona has called its news section for the 31st October. A catalog full of sweets and sweets , in most cases under the Hacendado signature , which nevertheless has a wide support behind thanks to the different suppliers of the Valencian chain.

Animated pumpkins, trinkets in different formats and varieties, chocolates, candies and, of course, saint’s bones. About twenty products that Mercadona has put in its special Halloween catalog, in some cases on sale , to make the ‘night of the dead’ more than fun for the little ones in the house.

A string of articles, which, like any key to the success of the chain led by Juan Roig, would have no explanation without a great team of suppliers behind it . Companies, all of them, accustomed to always being in contact with Mercadona and that this Halloween have one more reason to continue expanding their bond that brings so many economic benefits to both sides.

And it is that all these sweet products are the most demanded for the night of October 31 . A night where Spanish children have already picked up the tradition that began in the Anglo-Saxon countries , to the point of being many towns where they go door to door demanding sweets and sweets (deal) in exchange for avoiding some ‘childish’ (trick ).

King Royal
Mercadona supplier, in this case, for the basket (3.50 euros) and the glass (1.60 euros) of sweets, these two products are two containers decorated with Halloween motifs full of sweets. A company based in Oliva (Valencia), this leading family business in the Spanish sector specializes in all kinds of sweets, as well as chocolates and nuts, to be distributed to more than 50 countries around the world.

Chic-Kles Gum
The largest supplier of everything that refers to Mercadona’s sweets, this company’s business mainly involves the sale in Mercadona of all kinds of chewing gums (from the most popular to the most exotic flavors). Also supplier of assorted sweets (0.95 euros) and candies (1.90 euros), these are distributed under the logo of Xuxes Top Ten and Diver Xuxes, respectively. The base of this company is in Ribarroja de Turia (Valencia).

Iberian Trolli
One of the largest multinationals in terms of distribution of jelly beans and sweet products, in Spain its facilities are located in Paterna (Valencia). Supplier for Mercadona of the lot of Animalitos Pica Pica sweets (2.40 euros) and Colors sweets (1 euro), this company was born in 1975 in the United States.

One of the most representative candy companies on the national scene , it is present on five continents with different varieties of this sweet. Par Mercadona on Halloween distributes the assortment of six flavors candies (1.90 euros) and Mix Fruits 0% sugar candies (0.95 euros).

A brand par excellence in the production of nougat (since 1863), this group based in Jijona (Alicante) has also become Mercadona’s largest partner in chocolates. In addition, for Halloween (or rather for All Saints’ Day, in this case) it also manufactures the traditional Holy Bones (2.20 euros) that are sold under the Hacendado label.

Artesans del Sucre
Born in 1991 in Spain, currently the largest producer of handmade lollipops in Europe manufactures from Romania. A good deal, in all aspects of the lollipops that the skewer of sweets (1.30) euros brings to the shelves of Mercadona for Halloween that presents funny forms of monsters under the base of cotton candy.

Damel Group
Of tradition and Spanish production but present in more than 65 countries , through its more than 500 employees, this firm has offices in Valladolid, Crevillente (Alicante), Paterna (Valencia), Algemesí (Valencia) and Marchena (Seville) according to the different manufactured products (functional, confectionery, nuts, chocolate or popsicles, respectively). For this section of Hacendado your contribution is based on the blackberry sweets (0.95 euros).

With a tradition in the manufacture of sweets for more than 50 years , this company from Molina de Segura (Murcia) is the supplier of Boca Fruit sweets (1 euro) that are sold under the Hacendado label.

Lastly, this company specialized in chocolate also produces different forms of confectionery where Mercadona’s soft candies (1.20) stand out in lemon, orange, cherry, strawberry and pineapple flavors. It is based in Pallej√†

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