Kingston and Corsair have unveiled their first DDR5 memory units, the next generation that promises high speeds for increased performance.

The launch occurs at the same time as the arrival of the new 12th generation Intel Core , codenamed Alder Lake-S, along with the Z690 motherboard chipset, and that is no coincidence; that’s the first platform, and the only one for now, that supports DDR5 .

Therefore, for the vast majority of users, the launch of these new memories does not really matter much, since it is necessary to have a specific processor and motherboard; But going forward, it is a very important release, as it sets the new standard that all computers will follow. Also, the most enthusiastic users who want to be up to date will be very interested in these releases.

Kingston has been one of the first to offer DDR5 memory, with its new Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 range . These memories are capable of reaching frequencies of 5,200 Mhz in the most advanced models, so the difference should be noticeable compared to the faster DDR4s.

Kingston boasts features like ECC to improve stability at such speeds, as well as dual 32-bit subchannels for improved efficiency and a power management IC. The objective, according to the company, is that it is possible to transmit at 4K resolution live and work in large animations and 3D renderings, that is, a large flow of data. The new memory also supports Intel XMP 3.0 for a better overclocking experience. The Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 will be available in 16 GB modules, at 4800 MHz or 5200 MHz, individually or in packs of two for 32 GB.

At the same time, Corsair has announced that two of its most popular memory models, the Dominator Platinum and Vengeance , have made the leap to DDR5. They have many aspects in common, such as compatibility with Intel XMP 3.0, but as always when we talk about Corsair, the most striking thing is the spectacular design in both models, including the use of RGB lighting in the Dominator Platinum that we can customize with Corsair iCue; while the Vengeance is more subtle, but still features an aluminum heatsink.

From this Corsair iCue we can also load different performance profiles for each type of application or task. This is possible because DDR5s are the first memory with integrated voltage regulation, which can be controlled by iCue software, although it is necessary to wait for a software update to make it possible. These models will be available in 32GB and 64GB kits, with prices starting at € 299.99 for the 32GB 4000MHz Vengeance.

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